Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekend Warriors

Here are some pics from over the weekend. I love when the weather is nice in the city, it makes for the perfect playground for children and adults. Having grown up where the sun is always shining I guess I kind of take the sun for granted. However now, living here,  I no longer take that brilliant star for granted, in fact grey days and winter are my least favorite... but let's not talk about that nastiness,  because this past weekend was beautiful! When the weather is nice it makes exploring through the city with a tiny one so much more enjoyable. Nice weather also calls for brunch eaten outside with close friends. We were enjoying the weather so much that we tried to crack a smile on our waiters face... He wasn't having it. Oh well.  

We also had our first ice cream cone of the season. To bad Tiny passed out in the stroller from all the playground action at Washington Square park.  Actually who am I kidding, I was secretly happy that I could eat my cone in peace and totally enjoy the whole freaking thing (without having to share)! Which by the way if you have never been to Sundaes and Cones it is worth the trip to the East Village.  I had salted caramel and lavender - amazing!!! The color combo alone would have made me happy. Someone thought the lavender tasted like shampoo, (which it totally did not). 

Little fun fact (that my husband told me) about Washington Square park that I was totally unaware of is that the remains of 20,000 bodies rest under the park.  Woah!!! OK, so there you have it - fun NYC Facts. 

At any rate the park is always a fun place for Tiny and her pals to get together and play.  There is always something random happening when I've gone to the park from blowing huge bubbles, to a piano performance, old school jump rope sessions, NYU drum core and even a leather sofa just chilling with people hanging out on it. The flowers and trees are blooming so everything looks so beautiful, making me think tulips might be my favorite spring time flower. We also couldn't escape the park without Tiny picking some flowers, which I kind of felt bad about until I saw kids much older then her doing it. I also totally understand the need to want to pick the flowers cause I secretly want to pick them to. Just ask my brother about the time I made him throw his basketball into someone's yard so I could run up and pick flowers. It ended very badly with the women who lived their yelling at us and making us replant the flowers. We laugh about it now for it being a totally ridiculous idea and I am pretty sure I avoided walking down her street for a year after that. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A lesson in egg dying

Our entire being is nourished by color -Hans Hoffman.  I think I have subconsciously be thinking this for years. There is something so fun about busting out paints and just going for it. Its great to not have an end result in mind and let your hand take over. I am no painter mind you, my specialty is dying fabric but I do appreciate the act of creating.  I like to throw paint on white paper for the sack of mixing color and coming up with new colors. I think Tiny must have gotten this from me as she is obsessed like any other toddler with throwing paint on paper, our kitchen table, her face, whatever surface is available really and why not. If I had someone who was cleaning up my mess I would have tons more art projects talking up space in our apartment then I already do (Sorry Jameson).  On Friday we had our pals over for a fun time of dying eggs and I must say these were the best looking eggs I have seen. It was no surprise that it was tons of fun for all of us including moms to color eggs. There was fighting over who got to color the last egg, obviously and we were bummed out that there was only 3 dozen eggs present! I think Tiny started stealing her pals eggs and re-dying them!   We did however have an excellent guide helping us to expand or minds passed just throwing some eggs into dye. After watching our prop stylist mom pal Rachel just dive in and get her hands covered in dye we all went bananas. The cool part was it was simple. The table was covered in spilled dye but every single child and parent was totally consumed with creating.  It was pretty fantastic. Tiny took it to the next level, of course and thought it would be awesome to dye her eggs, then peel them and then dye the inside of the egg, which i don't think you can eat at that point.  Thanks to Nina we used some store bought Easter kits and food coloring, that we directly applied to the eggs. Rachel had her method of blowing on her eggs which created a cool camouflage effect, while Allison and Hope placed little dots of dye and watched the paint fall this way and that on the egg.  After looking at all of our creations my wheels were spinning thinking about teaching these little dudes to tye dye but that's another adventure saved for another day. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

unfinished business

If you happen to have read the very first post which is after this one, then you would remember me mentioning how I like to start things and not finish them. Well, it's a year later and I am just now getting back to this blog that has been hanging on by well less then a thread. It's been hanging on by a hangnail. Hangnails are annoying and don't get better until you stop, hum biting your nails! Maybe that's a really bad analogy of what this so called blog is hanging onto. At any rate I am revisiting it, in the hopes that I will get better at posting. If you know me it's so easy for me to bust into a story about this and that what's been happening as of late. When sitting here trying to get my thoughts down I feel like honestly WHO CARES! Well, that's not supposed to be the point, I'm sure my mother cares. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tiny in Brooklyn, from the beginning

I was trying to think of a way to start this blog and every time I come up short trying to find the right words. Really there are no right words to write, you just have to jump in. That also happens to be my motto for this year, not being afraid to fail. The chances of someone reading this first post is well, laughable, so it doesn't REALLY matter what the beginning is as long as I keep posting, that's what I'm telling myself anyway.  I have a knack for starting something and then not finishing it. Hence all the craft projects on my desk. This blog is dedicated to something much more then my unfinished crafts, its dedicated to pictures and stories about Tiny.  Its simple and easy because its all true. It's all her little adventures I've been so lucky to follow along on. It's about seeing this insane city (New York City) thru the eyes of a much smaller person. A Tiny person, which really let's be honest makes you love this city even more. Tiny is a real person and at this moment she is 3 months way from being 2 yrs old (which by the way is killing me). These are my trials, tribulations and offerings into parenthood for what it's worth but mostly just some sweet photographs of an active toddler!

The hat she is wearing was made by my sweet mother for Lovely Corporation Kids!