Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekend Warriors

Here are some pics from over the weekend. I love when the weather is nice in the city, it makes for the perfect playground for children and adults. Having grown up where the sun is always shining I guess I kind of take the sun for granted. However now, living here,  I no longer take that brilliant star for granted, in fact grey days and winter are my least favorite... but let's not talk about that nastiness,  because this past weekend was beautiful! When the weather is nice it makes exploring through the city with a tiny one so much more enjoyable. Nice weather also calls for brunch eaten outside with close friends. We were enjoying the weather so much that we tried to crack a smile on our waiters face... He wasn't having it. Oh well.  

We also had our first ice cream cone of the season. To bad Tiny passed out in the stroller from all the playground action at Washington Square park.  Actually who am I kidding, I was secretly happy that I could eat my cone in peace and totally enjoy the whole freaking thing (without having to share)! Which by the way if you have never been to Sundaes and Cones it is worth the trip to the East Village.  I had salted caramel and lavender - amazing!!! The color combo alone would have made me happy. Someone thought the lavender tasted like shampoo, (which it totally did not). 

Little fun fact (that my husband told me) about Washington Square park that I was totally unaware of is that the remains of 20,000 bodies rest under the park.  Woah!!! OK, so there you have it - fun NYC Facts. 

At any rate the park is always a fun place for Tiny and her pals to get together and play.  There is always something random happening when I've gone to the park from blowing huge bubbles, to a piano performance, old school jump rope sessions, NYU drum core and even a leather sofa just chilling with people hanging out on it. The flowers and trees are blooming so everything looks so beautiful, making me think tulips might be my favorite spring time flower. We also couldn't escape the park without Tiny picking some flowers, which I kind of felt bad about until I saw kids much older then her doing it. I also totally understand the need to want to pick the flowers cause I secretly want to pick them to. Just ask my brother about the time I made him throw his basketball into someone's yard so I could run up and pick flowers. It ended very badly with the women who lived their yelling at us and making us replant the flowers. We laugh about it now for it being a totally ridiculous idea and I am pretty sure I avoided walking down her street for a year after that. 

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